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Austria Regions 1:50,000

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ViewRanger software with 1:50,000 scale mapping for the region of Austria of your choice.

Available for download only.

Region Coverage Sample map
Size MB # region map

Tyrol (West of Innsbruck), Vorarlberg & Liechtenstein

click click
266 3

Tyrol (East of Innsbruck)

click click
154 11

OstTyrol & West of Carinthia

click click
165 12


click click
190 10

North of Upper Austria

click click
121 8

South of Upper Austria

click click
143 9

North of Styria

click click
173 6

South of Styria

click click
195 7

Lower Austria (north of Danube)

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150 4

Lowe Austria (south of Danube)

click click
214 5


click click
80 1

East of Carinthia

click click
140 2


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