PREMIUM + OS maps for Great Britain
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ViewRanger Credit Top-Up

Price£15.00 £12.50 excl. TAX
Download map tiles and routes direct to your handset via the mobile network or wireless connection.

This Credit Top-Up is for maps of Great Britain,New Zealand and Europe (see below for supported countries) and for routes. It does not include Norway maps, see our other token for Norway. This credit top-up gives you 1000 credits.

When you purchase a Credit Top-Up, you will be emailed a serial number. You will need to activate your tokens by entering this serial number on My.ViewRanger.

Topographic map data available with this pack:

Great Britain 1:50k (up to 14,800 sqkm), 1:25k (up to1310 sqkm)
Austria 1:50k (up to 12,000 sqkm)
Finland 1:50k (up to 1600 sqkm), 1:20k (up to 800 sqkm)
Germany and Denmark 1:50k (up to 17300 sqkm), 1:25k (up to 8650 sqkm)
Ireland (Eire and Northern Ireland) 1:50k (up to 5575 sqkm)
Netherlands 1:25k (up to 12000 sqkm), 1:50k (up to 24000 sqkm)
New Zealand 1:50k (up to 134,000 sqkm)
Slovenia 1:50k (up to 615 sqkm), 1:25k (up to370 sqkm)
Spain 1:25k (up to 18,000 sqkm), 1:200k (up to 150,000 sqkm),
Sweden 1:50k (up to 20,000 sqkm)
Switzerland 1:50k (up to2270 sqkm), 1:25k (up to540 sqkm).

*France 1:100k (up to10200 sqkm**), 1:25k (up to1000 sqkm**)

Example Areas: The example map areas given show the area available if the whole token pack is used on this map layer.

ViewRanger credit can also be used to buy:
Guided Lesiure Routes (costs vary, but typically around 10 routes can be downloaded via Route Search with a single Token Pack.)

Each time make a purchase, your credit balance is reduced. Different items will debit different amounts from your credit balance. We recommend that you use WiFi or have a flat-rate internet data tariff.

* Existing customers (who previously downloaded tiles) only . New
customers should buy a map subscription instead.
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