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France YourMap 1:25,000
Price: £20.00 £16.67 excl. TAX

Map area Up to 6000 sqkm; Up to 8000 sqkm (+ £4.99); Up to 12000 sqkm (+ £10.00); Up to 20000 sqkm (+ £19.99); Up to 28000 sqkm (+ £30.00)
Media Format Download by email link[CM] ; CD-Rom; 8GB MicroSDHC Memory Card
Choose your own area of 1:25,000 scale map with ViewRanger YourMap; available from £20.

Select your map area with the ViewRanger MapChooser application first.
Download the map chooser here.

Our flexible select tool lets you select unlimited areas of mapping. Based on a grid, you can choose any grid squares you like - so you can pick an area inNorth Franceand areas in South Franceall in the same map! The tool interactively shows you the expected disk size and the cost for your specific map selection.

Shipped product includes ViewRanger software.

Map order will be processed once you have submitted your Map Choice (.VMC) file. You will then be sent an email with download details for mapping and software - this email is usually dispatched within2 hours on a weekday or by the end of the day at weekends.

Sample Images:
Coverage Screen