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Algonquin Park ON
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Spanning an area of 7,653 km2 (2,955 mi2), Algonquin Park is not only one of Canada’s largest provincial parks, but also one of its most popular. It will take just a few steps into this fabled wilderness to find out why. Sprawling forests of red and white pine surround an endless patchwork of pristine lakes (about 2,400 in total), where you can paddle a canoe or kayak and feel your troubles melt away with each stroke. A secluded, water-access campsite is always just around the corner, so you can get away from it all for days at a time. Adjust your eyes to the stillness of the forest and you may pick out the well-camouflaged shape of a moose making its way along the shoreline. Anglers will delight at the abundant fishing opportunities, with brook trout and lake trout found in large numbers. At night, a glittering canvas of stars spreads across the sky, while the call of the wolf echoes in the distance. From the Barron Canyon to the Highway 60 Corridor and from the East Gate to the West Gate and beyond, this is a wild wonderland of limitless outdoor adventure.

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