Premium + Australia topographic maps subscription
PREMIUM + IGN maps for Belgium
PREMIUM + NRCan maps for Canada
USA subscription

USGS and Intermap (Accuterra) 1:24,000 approx.

Unlimited access to highly detailed topo maps for the contiguous USA, Hawaii and Alaska that can be easily stored for offline usage.

USA subscription
PREMIUM + USA maps subscription
Price$24.00incl. TAX $19.99 excl. TAX
Explore USA parks, trails, and wildlands with better maps. Get access to United States Premium maps for 1 year. This annual subscription includes:

- Maps designed for the outdoors. 1:24K scale maps for Lower 48 and Hawaii. 1:63K scale for Alaska.
- View 4 map styles to help you navigate with confidence, including USA Topo, USGS Topo, USA Land Cover, and USA Slopes.
- Save unlimited map downloads for offline use
- Easily identify trails, peaks, parks, rivers and other terrain. View elevation contours.
- Used and trusted by mountain guides and rescue teams
- View maps on your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and
- This bundle includes access to all PREMIUM features: Skyline, BuddyBeacon, 3D Flyovers, and unlimited Offline Maps.
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